Sunset on different planet

order generic neurontin Have you ever wondered how sunsets might look like on different planets. NASA might have the answer to this with Curiosity Rover. Curiosity Self-Portrait at 'Big Sky' Drilling Site.jpg

Selfies on Mars

Cool looking self-portrait made by Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) camera attached to robotic arm of NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover. This amazing looking photo looks like it was shot by someone standing in front of Curiosity but if fact this effect is achieved by combining dozens of images taken over a day on mars, more specifically 1,126th Martian day (1,126th sol) for us on Earth it was 6 October 2015 PDT. Location of where this photo-shot toke place is Gales Crater with camera looking towards west-northwest. Rendered image of the crater is shown bellow in color.

Curiosity Cradled by Gale Crater.jpg

Sunset on Mars

Coming back to sunset on different planet mars is the place where we don’t need to go wild with our imagination on how it would look like because Curiosity solved this problem some time ago. On 15 April, 2015 or 956th sol rover took series of still images of sunset in Gale Crater and captured this amazing view, and later on the series of photos bin stitched together to create equally breath taking animated image or GIF of sunset on mars in Gales crater.

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