Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2019


In 2019 we have five occurrences of eclipses, that include Solar and Lunar Eclipses. First one to be partial solar eclipse, it will take place in 6 January and will be visible just to small part of the world. Total Lunar Eclipse is second eclipse of 2019, visible to both Americas, half of Europe including UK. Total Solar Eclipse which will be visible to just small strip to South America inhabitants, will occur on 2nd July. Partial Lunar Eclipse which will happen on 16th July is nest visible to Africa and Asia, Europe and UK will see just partial Partial Lunar Eclipse. Last but not least Annual Solar Eclipse will happen on last month of the year. 26th December part of India, Indonesia will enjoy Total Solar Eclipse, wheres parts of Asia Pacific’s and Australia will see Partial Solar Eclipse.


From UK we will not be able to see:

  • 6th January Partial Solar Eclipse
  • 2nd July Total Solar Eclipse
  • 26th December Annual Solar Eclipse


Eclipses that will be visible from UK are:

  • 21st January Total Lunar Eclipse
  • 16th July Partial Lunar Eclipse



Partial Solar




Total Lunar

  • where can i purchase Lyrica Occurrence window: 21st January 2019, 05:11 UT (London)
  • Visibility: Africa, the Atlantic, Europe, the E Pacific, Americas



Total Solar

  • Occurrence window: 2nd July 2019, 19:23 UT (London)
  • Visibility: S Pacific, and southern South America



Partial Lunar

  • Occurrence window: 16th July 2019, 21:30 UT (London)
  • Visibility: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, the Atlantic, Australia, Europe, and South America



Annual Solar

  • Occurrence window: 26th December 2019
  • Visibility: Far eastern Africa, south Asia, Indian Ocean, and Pacific



Reference list:

The Astronomical Almanac (2019 – 2023)