Messier Object Catalogue

Charles Messier and now full list of astronomical objects

Founder of Messier Objects was Charles Messier. Originally these astronomical objects fell into list called “Catalogue des Nébuleuses et des Amas d’Étoiles” (“Catalogue of Nebulae and Star Clusters”).

Brief history of The Messier Objects

This astronomical object catalogue first appeared in Memoirs of the French Academy of Sciences in 1771. Catalogued as initial 45 objects in 1774 in the journal of French Academy of Science, in Paris. This incomplete catalogue obtained just only 17 objects observed by Charles Messier himself out of 45 listed. With years the list grew and by 1780 it contained 80 objects and by 1781 it had 103 astronomical objects listed in the catalogue. However. Time passed and it was though that the Messier’s List was incorrect, and other astronomers using his notes eventually filled it to 110 objects we know the list today.

ImageMessier Name / Common NameNGC / IC NumberObject TypeConstellation
M1 - Crab NebulaNGC 1952Globular ClusterTaurus
M2NGC 7089Globular ClusterAquarius
M3NGC 5272Globular ClusterCanes Venatici
M4NGC 6121Globular ClusterScorpius
M5NGC 5904Globular ClusterSerpens
M6 - Butterfly ClusterNGC 6405Open ClusterScorpius
M7 - Ptolemy ClusterNGC 6475Open ClusterScorpius
M8 - Lagoon NebulaNGC 6523Nebula with ClusterSagittarius
M9NGC 6333Globular ClusterOphiuchus
M10NGC 6254Globular ClusterOphiuchus
M11 - Wild Duck ClusterNGC 6705Open ClusterScutum
M12 - Gumball ClusterNGC 6218Globular ClusterOphiuchus
M13 - Great Globular Cluster in HerculesNGC 6205Globular ClusterHercules
M14NGC 6402Globular ClusterOphiuchus
M15NGC 7078Globular ClusterPegasus
M16 - Eagle NebulaNGC 6611HII Region Nebula with ClusterSerpens
M17 - Omega Swan, Horseshoe, Lobster NebulaNGC 6618HII Region Nebula with ClusterSagittarius
M18NGC 6613Open ClusterSagittarius
M19NGC 6273Globular ClusterOphiuchus
M20 - Trifid NebulaNGC 6514HII Region Nebula with ClusterSagittarius
M21NGC 6531Open ClusterSagittarius
M22 - Sagittarius ClusterNGC 6656Globular ClusterSagittarius
M23NGC 6494Open ClusterSagittarius
M24 - Sagittarius Star CloudIC 4715Milky Way Star CloudSagittarius
M25IC 4725Open ClusterSagittarius
M26NGC 6694Open ClusterScutum
M27 - Dumbbell NebulaNGC 6853Planetary NebulaVulpecula
M28NGC 6626Globular ClusterSagittarius
M29 - Cooling TowerNGC 6913Open ClusterCygnus
M30NGC 7099Globular ClusterCapricornus
M31 - Andromeda GalaxyNGC 224Spiral GalaxyAndromeda
M32NGC 221Elliptical Dwarf GalaxyAndromeda
M33 - Triangulum GalaxyNGC 598Spiral GalaxyTriangulum
M34NGC 1039Open ClusterPerseus
M35NGC 2168Open ClusterGemini
M36NGC 1960Open ClusterAuriga
M37NGC 1912Open ClusterAuriga
M38 - Starfish ClusterNGC 1912Open ClusterAuriga
M39NGC 7092Open ClusterCygnus
M40 - Winnecke 4Double Star, WNC4Ursa Major
M41NGC 2287Open ClusterCanis Major
M42 - Orion NebulaNGC 1976HII Region NebulaOrion
M43 - De Mairan's NebulaNGC 1982HII Region Nebula (part of Orion Nebula)Orion
M44 - Beehive ClusterNGC 2632Open ClusterCancer
M45 - PleiadesOpen ClusterTaurus
M46NGC 2437Open ClusterPuppis
M47NGC 2422Open ClusterPuppis
M48NGC 2548Open ClusterHydra
M49NGC 4472Elliptical GalaxyVirgo
M50NGC 2323Open ClusterMonoceros
M51 - Whirlpool GalaxyNGC 5194, NGC 5195Spiral GalaxyCanes Venatici
M52NGC 7654Open ClusterCassiopeia
M53NGC 5024Globular ClusterComa Berenices
M54NGC 6715Globular ClusterSagittarius
M55NGC 6809Globular ClusterSagittarius
M56NGC 6779Globular ClusterLyra
M57 - Ring NebulaNGC 6720Planetary NebulaLyra
M58NGC 4579Barred Spiral GalaxyVirgo
M59NGC 4621Elliptical GalaxyVirgo
M60NGC 4649Elliptical GalaxyVirgo
M61NGC 4303Spiral GalaxyVirgo
M62NGC 6266Globular ClusterOphiuchus
M63 - Sunflower GalaxyNGC 5055Spiral GalaxyCanes Venatici
M64 - Black Eye GalaxyNGC 4826Spiral GalaxyComa Berenices
M65 - Leo TripletNGC 3623Barred Spiral GalaxyLeo
M66 - Leo TripletNGC 3627Barred Spiral GalaxyLeo
M67NGC 2682Open ClusterCancer
M68NGC 4590Globular ClusterHydra
M69NGC 6637Globular ClusterSaggitarius
M70NGC 6681Globular ClusterSaggitarius
M71NGC 6838Globular ClusterSagitta
M72NGC 6981Globular ClusterAquarius
M73NGC 6994AsterismAquarius
M74NGC 628Spiral GalaxyPIsces
M75NGC 6864Globular ClusterSagittarius
M76 - Little Dumbbell NebulaNGC 650, NGC 651Planetary NebulaPerseus
M77NGC 1068Spiral GalaxyCetus
M78NGC 2068Diffuse NebulaOrion
M79NGC 1904Globular ClusterLepus
M80NGC 6093Globular ClusterScorpius
M81 - Bode's GalaxyNGC 3031Spiral GalaxyUrsa Major
M82 - Cigar GalaxyNGC 3034Starburst GalaxyUrsa Major
M83 - Southern Pinwheel GalaxyNGC 5236Barred Spiral GalaxyHydra
M84NGC 4374Lenticular GalaxyVirgo
M85NGC 4382Lenticular GalaxyComa Berenices
M86NGC 4406Lenticular GalaxyVirgo
M87 - Virgo ANGC 4486Elliptical GalaxyVirgo
M88NGC 4501Spiral GalaxyComa Berenices
M89NGC 4552Elliptical GalaxyVirgo
M90NGC 4569Spiral GalaxyVirgo
M91NGC 4548Barred Spiral GalaxyComa Berenices
M92NGC 6341Globular ClusterHercules
M93NGC 2447Open ClusterPuppis
M94NGC 4736Spiral GalaxyCanes Venatici
M95NGC 3351Barred Spiral GalaxyLeo
M96NGC 3368Spiral GalaxyLeo
M97 - Owl NebulaNGC 3587Planetary NebulaUrsa Major
M98NGC 4192Spiral GalaxyComa Berenices
M99NGC 4254Spiral GalaxyComa Berenices
M100NGC 4321Spiral GalaxyComa Berenices
M101 - Pinwheel GalaxyNGC 5457Spiral GalaxyUrsa Major
M102NGC 5866Lenticular GlaxyDraco
M103NGC 581Open ClusterCassiopeia
M104 - Sombrero GalaxyNGC 4594Spiral GalaxyVirgo
M105NGC 3379Elliptical GalaxyLeo
M106NGC 4258Spiral GalaxyCanes Venatici
M107NGC 6171Globular ClusterOphiuchus
M108NGC 3556Barred Spiral GalaxyUrsa Major
M109NGC 3992Barred Spiral GalaxyUrsa Major
M110NGC 205Dwarf Elliptical GalaxyAndromeda


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