M1 – Crab Nebula

Messier M1, NGC 1952, Crab Nebula, image from NASA


SN 1054 – Supernova

  • Exploded: AD 1054
  • Designation of the Pulsar: PSR 0532, SN 1054A, PSR 0531, PSR B0532+21, 2MASS J05343194+2200521, PSR B0531+21, PSR J0534+2200, CSI+21-05315, PLX 1266, V*CM Tau
  • Spectral Class: Type II
  • Galactic coordinates: G.184.6-5.8
  • Host: Milky Way Galaxy



Modern observations by Carl Otto Lampland uncovered that Crab Nebula is changing in its structure. This discovery led to conclusion that Carb Nebula formed from bright star recorded by Chinese astronomers is AD 1054, which turned out to be Supernova that is responsible for creation of Crab Nebula. This nebula was identified as supernova remnant 1921-1942 (speculations in 1920s, plausibility in 1939 and beyond reasonable doubt 1942 by Jan Oort).



SN 1054 was a supernova observed on 4 July 1054, and vas visible for two years. This supernova formed pulsar now called Crab Pulsar.



Chinese astronomers, Meigetsuki (Japan), Ibn Butlan (Iraq), Suggested European sightings, suggested records in North American petroglyphs, suggested records in Aboriginal oral tradition


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